Wondering about uniforms? Cincy SC’s annual club fee includes a complete training kit and game uniform with one new jersey.

Game Uniform, 2022-23

The club-provided game uniform for Fall ’22 – Spring ’23 for U9-U19 teams is a white jersey, navy shorts, and navy socks. The 2nd jersey is the navy jersey that was first introduced in Fall ’21. For new players, we’ll order the 2nd jersey for you and add the charge to your club bill. These are the Cincy SC game uniforms for the Fall ’22 – Spring ’23 soccer year:

2021-22 Game Uniforms
  • This applies to 2014 birth year players and older (YDA players use the training kit for training and games)
  • Jerseys and shorts both come in youth, men’s and women’s sizes.
  • The white jersey pictured above is included in the fee, but not the navy. For new players, or returning players that have outgrown their jersey, we will order the navy jersey for you and add a charge to your club bill.
  • You can order extra shorts and socks through the Club Shop.
  • Jersey and shorts sizes: YXS-YXL, MS-MXL, WXS-WXL
  • Navy socks sizes: 2XS (Youth 10-13), XS (Youth 13-3), S (Men’s 4-7), M (Men’s 7-9), L (Men’s 10-13)

Training Kit, 2022-23

The club-provided training kit includes an Orange training top, Navy training top, Black NB shorts, Black NB socks. We provide each player with one set. You can also order extras through the Club Shop.

2021 Training Kit
  • One of each item is included in your fees.
  • Orange training top sizes: YXS-YXL, AS-AXL
  • Black training shorts sizes: YXS-YXL, AS-AXL
  • Black socks sizes: 2XS (Youth 10-13), XS (Youth 13-3), S (Men’s 4-7), M (Men’s 7-9), L (Men’s 10-13)
  • Navy tryout-tshirt sizes: YXS-YXL, MS-MXL, WXS-WXL

New Balance Sizing and Size Chart

For sizing, you can use this NB Size Chart or try on a sample kit at one of these places:

New Balance Women’s vs Youth Cuts

We recommend that girls playing U11 and older order women’s sizes for NB uniforms. The girls seem to generally prefer the women’s cut to the boxier youth shape. NB women’s jerseys come in sizes WXS-WXL.

The images below show a comparison between Women’s XS and Youth L, Women’s S and Youth L, and Women’s S and Youth XL.

Women's and Youth Jersey Size comparison

Women's vs Youth Game Shorts

New Balance Men’s vs Youth Cuts

The images below show a comparison between Youth L, Youth XL, and Men’s S.

Youth vs Men's S Jersey Size Comparison
Men's vs Youth Game Shorts

Some Comments About Jersey Numbers

  • If two players request the same jersey number:
    • If one player had it last year, that player gets the number
    • If both players had it last year, or neither player had it last year, the player that has been with the club the longest gets the number
    • The final tiebreaker is rock, paper, scissors (best of 3) 🙂
  • When players change numbers from the past year, we don’t make them order the older jersey in the new number. It’s preferred to have two jerseys with matching numbers, but not required. Let us know if you want to order the old jersey in the new number.
  • Our fully sublimated NB jerseys are cool, but it takes about 45 days for them to arrive and we have to order at least 6 in a batch (like 6 white, or 6 navy).
  • When we order new jerseys for new players, we also include lots of extras in various sizes and in numbers that we think will be useful (like to match a jersey of the other color to make a set, or a matching set that is a number that isn’t very common). These are mainly for new players that join late, but also are used to exchange when there is a size or number issue.
  • Here’s our jersey inventory.