A depressed fan models his FC Cincinnati scarf.

A depressed fan models his FC Cincinnati scarf. Play On?

Cincy SC recently launched a wildly successful navy and orange supporters scarf. As is often the case with successful products, it didn’t take long for copycats to pop up.

This latest scarf competitor looks formidable. Though just getting off the ground as an organization, FC Cincinnati reportedly has deep pockets and its business is currently 100% focused on scarves. Curiously, it seems to think it’s the only soccer-scarf company in town, when in fact the Cincinnati Saints have been selling neck wear for five years.

According to Director of Soccer Operations Russell Lewis, Cincy SC still sees its market leadership in soccer scarves as a strategic advantage, but it isn’t putting all its balls of yarn in one basket.

“We’ve all been to soccer games in October, so we know that there’s a need for soccer scarves in the Cincinnati area. We didn’t expect such a similar knock off to appear in the market this quickly. This isn’t China! However, we offer a much more diverse product line, including t-shirts, hoodies, and actual soccer. We think we’ll be fine.”

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Happy Cincy SC players love their scarves.