We’re all here because we love soccer, right? Come play Summer Pickup Soccer (SPS) at Newtown Village Pitch!

You may have joined us in the past for “Sunday Night Pickup” at Otto Armleder Park where we’d invite the whole club at the same time. It was fun and we’d get groups of 80+ players, but it was tough to organize and we’d never know if the grass would be too long. This year, with access to the sparkling new turf field at Newtown Village Pitch, we’re changing it up a bit.

About Summer Pickup Soccer by Cincy SC:

  • Where: Newtown Village Pitch, 6944 Main St, Newtown, OH 45244
  • Bring: a dark and a light shirt, cleats, shin guards, water.
  • Fee: there’s no charge for SPS, but please consider making a donation for our new playground!
  • Rules: treat all players with respect, clean up after yourself, leave the field and parking areas better than you found them.

2023 Times (by player birth year, but not strictly enforced):


  • 9 AM – 2012s
  • 10 AM – 2011s
  • 11 AM – 2010s
  • 12 PM – 2009s
  • 6 PM – 2014s
  • 7 PM – 2013s
  • 8 PM – 2008s


  • 6 PM – 2005-07 Boys
  • 7 PM – 2005-07 Girls

Who’s invited:

  • Cincy SC players & coaches, siblings, cousins, friends, parents, cool uncles
  • Wannabe Cincy SC players
  • Former Cincy SC and FCC players, and Chad Ochocinco

Who’s not:

  • Frienemies & Jerkfaces
  • Alexi Lalas & Anthony Precourt

Why join?

  • The best soccer players in the world got there with good coaching and structure, but also by playing pickup soccer in the park, their basement, the street, or their backyard.
  • SPS is a great way to get to know teammates and other club mates.
  • SPS can also serve as “supplemental tryout” and a relaxed way for new players to get to know the club and possibly even end up joining if there is room at their age group.
  • All SNP sessions will be on unless the Rokerthon’s not working and storms pop up.
  • Some coaches may appear, but generally this is player-led pickup/free play event. Hope to see you there!