Found out about Cincy SC too late and missed our regular tryouts? No worries! There may still be a way to join the club. Supplemental tryouts are for players that missed the regular sessions but are still interested in joining. We also sometimes allow players to come to a training session the last week of fall season. You would need to check the team calendar (normally the Elite 2 team for the age group) and email us with a date you’d like to attend.

Supplemental Tryout Dates for Fall 2023:

Fall Supplemental Tryouts Times for 2023HS players:

U15-U19 teams, player birth years 2005-09

(note: this is the same as the regular tryout registration form. You don’t have to
re-register for supplemental tryouts if you already registered for a recent tryout.

Check out a training session?

Players from outside the club are sometimes invited to attend a training session, but that depends on the age group and timing of the request. If you would like to request to join a training session before tryouts, please register for tryouts first and then reply to the welcome email.

Have questions? Check out our Tryouts FAQs.