Unless you’re like my mom, you probably have a smart phone. If you have an iPhone or iPad and have had trouble getting a our shared team calendar to sync, this tip might help.

Step 1: Add the Team Calendar to your Google account

  • Click on the calendar link from the boys teams or girls teams page on the website, or from the link in a Club News email
  • Click on the +Google Calendar in the bottom right corner
  • This will add the calendar to your Google Account. You can have a Google Account without having a gmail account, but I wouldn’t advise using an AOL email account.

Step 2: Select the calendars to sync to your iPhone/iPad/iCal

Step 3: Open your iPhone/iPad calendar app

  • Select “Calendars.”
  • Pull down to refresh the list.
  • The calendars you checked in step 2 should now appear in the list.
  • Select the calendars you wish to display.

For those who haven’t added their Google account to their iOS device at all, here are the other steps:

  1. Add your Gmail/Google Calendar to your Apple device
    • On your Apple device, go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    • Choose Add Account.
    • Choose Google.
    • Enter your name, Gmail account, and password.
    • Select the items you want to sync (at least calendars, presumably).
  2. Open the Calender app on your Apple device
    • Select “Calendars” at the bottom.
    • Choose the calendars you want to see.
    • If you don’t see the calendars you want, go back to the steps above.
    • List of calendars in iPhone app