Premier = best. Players embody The EPIC Ten and are top 10% talent for their age.

Elite = really good. Players embody The EPIC Ten and are above average talent for their age.

Blue/Orange/White – there is no defined hierarchy to the colors, which doesn’t mean that they are all equal, but it means that a player doesn’t have to advance one notch at a time to reach the Premier team. All Elite players should be training and playing with the goal of being a top player on their team and challenging for a spot on a Premier team. Players may move across teams in order to find a better fit for that player, for team position needs, or for some other reason. League divisions will likely be different, but level of play is not substantially different and our leagues use a promotion & relegation system so teams may change positions over the year or years.

Possible Levels within an Age Group:

At most age groups, there are only two levels, Premier & Elite. At some age groups, coaches may decide to form a Premier (1st) team and and Elite Blue (2nd) team based on the level of the players and desired level of competition, with Elite Orange & Elite White teams as a 3rd level. We don’t anticipate ever having 4 levels as there’s not that much differentiation between what would be a 2nd/3rd/4th team player at Cincy SC.

Cincy SC Team Levels 2024-25

You can find more information, including the number of teams, coaches, and training calendars on the specific pages for Boys Teams and Girls Teams.