Our tryouts start on May 24 for players born from 2011-16 (U7-U12) and May 31 for players born from 2004-10 (U13-U19). All players interested in representing Cincy SC in 2022-23 need to register here.

We design our tryout process with these principles in mind:

  • We believe that our Cincy SC players, families, and coaches deserve a complete Spring Season, with the focus on player development and their current team, not on tryouts for next fall.
  • We believe players should have plenty of time to consider an offer from Cincy SC, and check out alternatives, if they wish.

Timing of Offers & Decisions

We provide 3 nights of tryouts to provide options for players, and we wait until after all three sessions conclude before making decisions. We send out official offers to players after the last night of regular tryouts have completed for that group. If you do get an offer from Cincy SC, we request that you respond as soon as possible, but we don’t put a deadline on our offers.

What’s New This Year?

Ohio Soccer Association (OSA) changed its rules about tryouts this year. Instead of listing dates when tryouts could start per age group, there’s now only one rule: May 31. That’s the day that clubs can offer a spot to a player outside their club. Current players can be offered a spot anytime.

Implied, but not actually part of the rules set forth by OSA, is that players would be given enough time to consider multiple clubs before making a decision.

Some other clubs have announced plans to offer current players in early-mid May and turn training for the second half of spring into pseudo-tryouts for players from outside their club. We believe this would be disruptive to our training environment and would not deliver good value to our current players and families.

We’re committed to having a spring season and a tryout at the end in order to form teams for Fall ’22 – Spring ’23. We’re committed to a tryout and offer process that fits with our core value of Integrity, allowing players that are offered a spot at Cincy SC the opportunity to also check out their alternatives. And we’re committed to providing outstanding Player Development and clear parent communications.

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What are tryouts for?
We use tryouts each year to form teams for the upcoming soccer year, which for most age groups, includes a Fall Season (Aug-Oct) and a Spring Season (Mar-May). The programming varies by age group.

What if we can’t make the tryout dates?
Still register, but note your conflicts and we’ll look for alternatives.

Current Cincy SC Players – Still Register!
Current players that want to continue with Cincy SC still need to register and should attend tryouts for 2022-23. Attitude, behavior, development, and play over the past year are considered in addition to performance at tryouts.

New Players
We have several spots available at each age group for new players. Last year, 296 new players joined Cincy SC! The tryout process allows our coaches to meet new players and for the players to get a better idea of what Cincy SC coaches and players are like.

Age Range: 2004-2016
Born after 2016? Consider our Juniors program (5-8 year-olds).
Born before 2004? We probably don’t have a team for you (but you can check out our Adult Teams).

Trapped 8th Graders (2008s that want to play Club soccer in the fall)
We will have a B08 team and a G08 team in the fall. We have ways to adjust based on the roster size (add younger players if short, add more games if large). These teams may be reshuffled for the spring season when the ’08 high schoolers return. Read more about our High School Program here.

More Info About Cincy SC Tryouts
Tryouts shouldn’t be stressful. At Cincy SC, we try to ensure that every player has fun, learns something new, and gets a cool t-shirt with their name on the back. We’ve been told our tryouts “have a different vibe than others.” Come see why!

Multiple days are offered to provide you with more options. Players don’t have to come every day, but they are encouraged to come to two or more.

Every year at tryouts, we look to build on a strong core, recruit new talent, and find the best development environment for each player. We typically have 2 competitive teams at our U13 and older age groups, and 3 competitive teams for our U12 and younger teams.

Tryouts typically occur near the end of May for the soccer year that runs from Fall-Spring (Aug. – May). The timing of when we can hold tryouts and officially offer players is dictated by the state association (OSA) and its leagues. We are permitted to extend offers to players that are current members of Cincy SC at any time, and players that are not currently members starting on May 31, 2022.

Have questions? Check out our Tryouts FAQs or contact us.