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About Trace for 2023-24

Cincy SC has 6 cameras that can be used by teams to record their games.

Our HS teams will be using Trace to video record games again this year, and it’s also an option for our younger teams. Trace has changed a lot in the past year, including a new solution that identifies players by their jersey number instead of wearing a tracer. Getting your personal highlights now requires a Trace PlayerFocus Pro subscription, normally $300/player/year, but we’re tough negotiators so it’s only $80/player/year for Cincy SC. If you want to opt-in, just let me know and we can add $80 to your bill and assign you a license (for HS players, the fee & license are included by default, but they can opt-out). We will have at least 6 cameras, and the ability to record lots of games, if teams are interested. Please talk about it with your fellow parents, and then reach out.

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About Trace

Trace allows players to “relive the game, moment by moment and gives each player a link to short, personalized videos they can’t wait to watch.” Cincy SC believes that will lead to accelerated player development.

Trace is a camera and game film system that is revolutionizing the way teams film and consume soccer video. Trace uses HD video, GPS sensors, AI technology, and powerful software to automatically capture and organize match footage, generate tactical playlists, and deliver personalized moments to each player.

Trace is for teams and players at all levels. For younger players, Trace is a powerful way to teach the fundamentals of the game to improve technique, decision-making, and team shape. For older players, Trace also has tools for creating and sharing highlights with college coaches. Trace’s software gives us our own editing team and video analysis staff.

Coming soon: Best Skill Moves, Funny Moments (bloopers, turf monster sightings), and more!

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