Is Cincy SC training camp mandatory?

We try not to use the term “mandatory,” but all Cincy SC players are expected to attend training camp (as well as training sessions and games). We also know that lots of families are still enjoying summer vacations in early August. We just ask that you notify your coach if there’s an event you cannot attend.

What if I can’t make a session?

We design the sessions so that most players have two evening sessions and two morning sessions. We know that daytime sessions in particular can be a challenge for some, but we ask that you try to find a way to make it work. If a player cannot attend a session due to a conflict, we do allow players to join another team’s session at a different time. This is a policy that carries forward into the season as well: it’s better to attend your team’s training, but if you can’t, we still want you to train.

Where is training camp?

For 2020, it’s at Otto Armleder Park, 5057 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227, USA on field #5.

Is there an additional fee for training camp?

No, it’s included.

What should players bring and wear?

Players should wear soccer cleats and shin guards and Cincy SC training gear, if they have it. We’ll hand out training kit on Monday for players that don’t have it yet. If a player misses Monday of camp, they can get their training kit later. We’ll also have extras for size exchanges or for purchase.

Players should bring a properly-inflated soccer ball and plenty of water.

Will teams be training with their age groups, or will it be more like Sunday Night Pickup?

In general, players will be training with their age group and team. In some cases, a couple age groups may train together, but it’s training, not pickup.

Can a player that is not part of Cincy SC come to training camp?

Training camp and club training in general is for players that are members of the club. It’s not like Sunday Night Pickup where we invite anyone and everyone to join. However, if you know someone that would like to check out our club, please let your coach know and feel free to invite them to join a training session. We’ve also allowed “visiting cousins” join from time to time.

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