We know your mind is probably consumed with important things like how much fertilizer is too much fertilizer for your grass this summer, but we hope you can take a break from that for a moment to think about soccer tryouts. Tryouts can be a challenging time for players, parents, and coaches. Consistent with Cincy SC’s club values, we strive to be honest and fair in our approach, so we:

  • Wait until after our 2nd day of tryouts to make offers
  • Give families 48 hours to consider and accept

Why wait? Some players can only attend on the 2nd day. And for players that would be new to the club, we want to make sure we have a chance to evaluate them fairly and offer a spot on the right team.

Why 48 hours? Although we certainly would like to know your answer right away, we don’t think it’s right to pressure you to decide. We also want our players to have time to check out their other options – in most cases, this helps confirm that Cincy SC is where they want to be!

Getting pressured by another club? You could ask for an extension and even reference Buckeye League policy (see below). You can also let us know and we can try to give you some feedback on where we see your son or daughter fitting.

Buckeye Premier’s statements on tryouts and offers:

In order to allow players and their families the ability to choose the best select team for their situation, the following fair play guidelines must be observed: Coaches shall not deter, by any means, players from attending whatever tryouts the player’s desire. This would include the scheduling of mandatory team functions or imposing sanctions against those players.

A member league, coach, and/or club shall not place unreasonable demands on players to join a team after tryouts. This would include requiring an immediate response, large cash payments, immediate signing US Youth/Ohio South or other USSF affiliate player registration form.


Best of luck surviving this crazy week!